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 'Colourful' doesn't even begin to describe it! 

'Colourful' doesn't even begin to describe it!

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Our great advantage is the abundance of different talents that are joined in our team. This is why we can successfully take care of the support of seafarers' dignity. Become part of it!

In the heart of the port of Hamburg exists a place where the three fields of work of the Deutsche Seemannsmission Hamburg-Harburg e.V. are joined and work together hand in hand for the benefits of seamen and crew members of merchant and cruise ships, just like the poles of a mooring bollard.

If you examine the ?Duckdalben? (German for a mooring bollard) in front of our international seamen's club of the same name, you will notice that this mooring bollard consists of four poles. Three stand for the aforementioned work fields, ON BOARD SUPPORT, the SEAFARERS' LOUNGE and the seamen's club DUCKDALBEN. The fourth pole represents the many volunteers of all ages that support our work in all three fields in diverse ways and whose dedication makes many things possible in the first place.

All in all an incredibly colourful team consisting of more than 100 employees and volunteers with a virtually inexhaustible diversity of expertise and talent, probably the secret recipe for our shared commitment and the success of our work for seamen from all over the world in the port of Hamburg.

There's always room for more colour, that's why we would like to get to know you as well.

Got the time and energy to volunteer in our team? Just drop in or send us an email at ehrenamt@dsm-harburg.de.

We are looking forward to hearing from YOU!