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 A Weighty Present 

A Weighty Present

 Olaf  Club  0  31.08.2016
On 13 August 1999 a reach-stacker drove up the entrance to our property and deposited a dock anchor that had been buried for years in the Elbe mud. After Blohm + Voss had salvaged it from the muddy ground, the directors decided to give DUCKDALBEN this heavyweight and its massive chain as a birthday present. This was no easy task, because dock anchors like this can weigh several tons.

It was first transported by the ?HHLA 3? floating crane from Blohm + Voss to the Eurogate facility where the reach-stacker took over (up to 50 tons lifting capacity). Since the anchor had to pass under power lines, current to the Port Railway had to be shut off until the anchor had finally reached DUCKDALBEN.

This transport is a perfect example of cooperation in the port! And the present itself, located at the entrance to the DUCKDALBEN grounds, is highly symbolic: here, the seaman can drop anchor and find diversion and relaxation from his strenuous daily on-board routine, if even only for a short time!

For your information: because of their special design, dock-anchors are used with floating docks and dredging.