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Talking Pictures

   Schatzkiste  0  24.06.2019
?After seven months at sea, your longing for home gets stronger and stronger.?

This is the caption on the watercolour portrait of Yunus, a seaman from the Philippines. All told, portraits of 24 seafarers are hanging in the gallery above the DUCKDALBEN entry hall. In 19xx, the Hamburg artist Anke de Vries met with seamen in our club, talked to them and took their pictures. She explains, ?In my studio, I make preliminary sketches based on the photos, and I try to incorporate the seafarers? stories, their outlook or their mood. I include a quotation from the portrayed subject that I think typically describes him. Sometimes I also include scenes from the seamen?s home countries.?

MALIGA from TUVALU: ?One day the islands of Tuvalu will disappear. That is certain. I am responsible for my family. Through my wages, one day we will be able to finance our relocation to Australia.?

ANA-PAULA from BRAZIL: ?I don?t have to dress like a man to be respected. I?m a helmsman and I?m good. That?s all that counts.?