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 The Boat of Don Berto 

The Boat of Don Berto

 Marco  Club  0  08.11.2015
There it is, the little catamaran called ?M/V Christopher?, ceiling-mounted at the cozy place in the pool room in DUCKDALBEN.

It was presented to us by two seamen who were part of the crew on M/V ?Christopher? in December 2014. Some time ago we have learned from Vianni Amador who is also a crew member, the whole and haunting story around this beautiful present.

Vianni was a good friend of ?Don Berto? also known as ?A/B Roberto Hipolito? from Bicol in the Philippines. Don Berto was a man who was in love with life and whenever his ship made a port call to Hamburg he made a visit to the ?DUCKDALBEN?.

In the summer 2014 when Vianni was back from vacation he recognized a change in the personality of his friend Don. In one moment he complained of permanent bad headaches and in the next he understated this fact as effectively as possible. After a while his body movements became more and more slowly.

Despite his increasing body restrictions Don worked on the little catamaran whenever it was possible. He wanted to finalize it and pointed out several times that it is his heart's desire to donate the boat to the DUCKDALBEN.

Then, on a trip to Russia he finally collapsed. He was taken to hospital and medicated until he was able to travel back home to the Philippines. When he was back, an operation was necessary and after he was over it, Don Berto recovered a little and it seemed that he will be well.

Sad to say that after a second operation Don did not awake and passed away.
He was only 47 years old and died of a brain tumor.

Unaware that exactly this place, a smoker's area in the pool room, was Don's favored place to be when he was in the club ? our housekeeper Reinhard hung up the little catamaran right there?