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 The Chinese Vase 

The Chinese Vase

   Schatzkiste  0  24.06.2019
Anyone who uses one of the telephone booths on the right-hand side of our entry hall probably isn?t aware that several herds of elephants are marching along above his head, past numerous other treasures from all the corners of our world.

One of these treasures is a vase from China, and it is exactingly decorated:

emblems, flowers and other floral elements on a yellow background, all surrounding an idyllic landscape set in a white background: rocky cliffs, thickly overgrown with pines, willows, and trees in lush foliage. And nestled between them, farmsteads surrounded by bamboo hedges. Boats connect the bays and small islands with each other.

The vase was given to DUCKDALBEN in a presentation case. Back then, in the autumn of 2010, Juliane was still studying and working part-time in DUCKDALBEN. She and Shin, from Taiwan and completing a year?s internship in our club, had visited a ship that was berthed at NHG and had a purely Chinese crew. They complemented each other ideally: Juliane as an expert for telephone cards, Hamburg tips and all-round information, and Shin with her Chinese mother tongue.

The seafarers were so impressed by Juliane and Shin?s visit that they soon sent a delegation to DUCKDALBEN to officially present us their vase.