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 The Lenten Veil 

The Lenten Veil

   Schatzkiste  0  24.06.2019
Some of you might have heard about the so-called ?Lenten veils? from the Catholic relief organization Misereor, which were introduced in 1976 and created every second year, always from an artist in a different country. By the way, one of them, from Haiti and 1982, is hanging in our Room of Silence. But a HAMBURG Lenten veil? And hanging in DUCKDALBEN? This was news to me, and I was amazed to learn that this very special treasure is displayed above the door to our Room of Silence.

A fine gold border frames the tableau that shows a wide range of scenes, all having a reference to Hamburg. The painting features religious and ideological symbols and reserves a white field in the upper middle for the viewer to fill in himself. A black and a white hand sharing their bread are also framed in gold in an archway at the top of the artwork.

Our veil has darkened and gotten dusty over the years, but to me its range of topics keeps it still highly up to date. It combines accusation and reconciliation, and points out many unsolved problems. It was painted in 1998; 10th grade students and teacher trainees in religion class in a Hamburg middle school chose the topics. Based on their recommendations, the artist Sönke Nissen-Knaack created the work of art.

The PTI Hamburg makes the photo available for internal non-commercial purposes.