Recycling a Lifeboat

It’s frankly impossible to imagine a DUCKDALBEN garden birthday party without this lifeboat! One enters through an opening in the side, and is surrounded by piles of buffet delicacies spread out on the planks.

The boat originally had an entirely different purpose. It was one of the lifeboats on the MS Crosby. Whether it was ever used in a serious situation is not known. But one day it was taken out of service at the Blohm+Voss shipyards and replaced with a modern vessel. A flatbed truck brought the old one to DUCKDALBEN where it found an ideal place in our garden. Our Hausmeister at the time erected a broad, graceful roof and cut an entryway for easy access. What a perfect way to recycle! And – last but not least – Indian seafarers on board the MS Crosby painted a cheery picture that we hung above the bar in our clubroom.

This treasure thus consists of two parts: the one sees service on a variety of outdoor occasions, we enjoy the other, indoor one when it’s stormy outside.