Unsere Schatzkiste

Liebe Seefahrer,
liebe Freunde des DUCKDALBENS,

habt Ihr bei Euren Besuchen bei uns eigentlich schon mal entdeckt, dass der DUCKDALBEN eine riesige Schatzkiste ist?

Ob an den Wänden, von der Decke herab oder in Vitrinen - überall sieht man unzählige Mitbringsel aller Art aus aller Welt, "Schätze", die Seefahrer uns geschenkt haben.

Im Laufe von gut drei Jahren habe ich versucht, hinter die Geheimnisse von einigen der vielen Schätze zu kommen. Oft war am Anfang nur wenig oder auch gar nichts darüber bekannt. Aber meistens gelang es doch, interessante Fakten aufzuspüren und so sind diese 69 Geschichten entstanden.

Viel Freude beim Lesen wünscht Euch

(# 0 ) The Emergancy Box

Bild We all know how hard it is to find a present for someone who already has everything. Some of the crewmembers of the ?Cap San Marco? had often been in the club, and decided to give us a present during their next visit ? a present that would be different from all the other gifts on display in the club. In other words: unique. How long must they have pondered, deliberated and rejected proposals unt... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) A Four-Legged Treasure

BildHe?s climbing up the wall in our large entry hall as though he were still trying to escape the hunter whose bullet found him ? this ocelot from South America. Framed exotic plants from Asia are blooming beneath him, and large Japanese fans spread out above him like the protecting crowns of primeval trees. But whatever brought him here? This much we know: a young German seaman discovered the ocel... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) An Unsolved Riddle

BildWhenever we hear the term ?dream destination? many can immediately think of a place we are longing to visit. For me, ?Vanuatu? was such a dream, but my plans to one day visit this island nation in the South Pacific were never fulfilled. So when I was walking past one of the glass cases in the DUCKDALBEN entry hall and happened to look inside, I nearly stumbled and stood there like under an electri... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) A Treasure in the Room of Silence

BildWhen the DUCKDALBEN chapel ?Room of Silence? was first furnished, Ju?rgen Bielfeldt was the chairman of the German Seaman?s Missions. Through his son-in-law Samih he had met Salameh Janini, a calligrapher from Madaba, Jordan. Janini was commissioned to create an artwork for the ?Islamic? corner of our chapel. He selected the text from the first Surah in the Quran, the so-called Al-Fatiha. The Fati... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) Eighty-One

BildThey first appeared in the DUCKDALBEN clubroom ? these life buoys from ships all over the world. They took over the entire ceiling until it was full, then spread out across the whole entry hall, and are now moving into the billiard room as well. Most are bright orange with reflective tapes and all-round grab lines with the ship?s name and port of registry, many bearing the crewmembers? signatures,... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) The Lenten Veil

BildSome of you might have heard about the so-called ?Lenten veils? from the Catholic relief organization Misereor, which were introduced in 1976 and created every second year, always from an artist in a different country. By the way, one of them, from Haiti and 1982, is hanging in our Room of Silence. But a HAMBURG Lenten veil? And hanging in DUCKDALBEN? This was news to me, and I was amazed to lear... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) Frost

BildOne of the walls in our billiard room is filled with pictures showing romantic tropical landscapes ? and in the middle is a painting of an iced-over ship that literally radiates coldness. I had heard about the harsh, frightful conditions during a winter voyage on the frozen Baltic, but no one could tell me how the painting made its way to DUCKDALBEN. One day, by pure chance, I discovered a photo i... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) The Festive Gown

BildOur volunteer Ursula still clearly remembers: it was a Tuesday when she first met the crew from a bulk carrier from Algeria that was moored at Pier 80/81. Tuesdays were her regular day for making ship visits, back then in Autumn 2001. On board, the disappointment was everywhere. The accompanying wives and children had been looking forward to shore leave and sightseeing in Hamburg, but the strict r... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) The Chinese Vase

BildAnyone who uses one of the telephone booths on the right-hand side of our entry hall probably isn?t aware that several herds of elephants are marching along above his head, past numerous other treasures from all the corners of our world. One of these treasures is a vase from China, and it is exactingly decorated: emblems, flowers and other floral elements on a yellow background, all surrounding an... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) The Seven Signposts

BildWe encounter them in airports, hospitals or train stations ? signs directing us to a chapel, a ?Room of Silence? or ?Prayer Room?. On the circular stairway in DUCKDALBEN?s large entry hall, seven ?signposts? guide the visitor to our multidenominational chapel, our own ?Room of Silence?.These symbols (from lower right to upper left) represent the seven religions that are most often practiced by the... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) Talking Pictures

Bild?After seven months at sea, your longing for home gets stronger and stronger.?This is the caption on the watercolour portrait of Yunus, a seaman from the Philippines. All told, portraits of 24 seafarers are hanging in the gallery above the DUCKDALBEN entry hall. In 19xx, the Hamburg artist Anke de Vries met with seamen in our club, talked to them and took their pictures. She explains, ?In my studi... weiter lesen

(# 0 ) Hidden Treasures

BildDUCKDALBEN?s ?hidden treasures? ? every one is a keepsake. It?s not always easy to uncover their secrets, and describing their stories in just a few words is nearly impossible. Especially when the story concerns the 30-year history of DUCKDALBEN. Nonetheless, the architects? floor plans can give us an idea of the club?s expansion over the years. It all began in 1986. A barracks building (shown in... weiter lesen