Deutsche Seemannsmission Hamburg-Harburg e.V.

13th August 1986 · Annexe: December 1995 · Wintergarten: December 2003 · Office M: June 2015

Daily from 10.00 – 22.30

  • HPA (Hamburg Port Authority)
  • Voluntary Shipping Lines’ Port Contributions
  • Private Donations: DSM HH-Harburg e.V. bei der Evangelischen Bank eG
    IBAN: DE37520604100006407935
  • Contributions from Seafarers
  • Contributions from the Northchurch
  • Contributions from the ITF SeafarersTrust
  • ederal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Federal Office for Family and Civil Society
  • Seafarers (90%) from ships in port, their friends and families
  • During 2018 an average 95 guests from 8-20 nations visited us daily
  • Since opening, over 1.010.005 guests from 183 countries have visited us
  • The largest visitor shares: Filipinos (47%), Indians, Chinese, Ukranians and Russians
  • Green energy
  • Rainwater utilisation system
  • Warmwater production with solar
  • Six vehicles are powered with environmentally friendly natural gas
  • Waste avoidance through deposit bottles and consistent garbage separation
  • Certified by the Quality Association of Environmentally Conscious Companies (QUB) on 26 July 2012, 14 October 2014 and 4. November 2016
  • Environmental partner of the FHH since 30 August 2012
  • Schuttleservice between all terminals and vessels in the harbour to the club and back
  • Clubroom with a counter where you can get beer and coffee, small shop selling SIM cards (Please bring your original Passport!) and most necessary items for daily use
  • Cheap global telephone calls, Skype, chat possibilities, …
  • Money exchange, mail service and international money transfer (Please bring your original passport, no Xerox or Seamansbook allowed!)
  • Advice, pastoral care, emotional first aid and trauma support
  • Excursions on request
  • Room of silence (prayer room) for all major religions
  • Multifunctional hall that can be divided, for international holidays, religious celebrations and disco, usable as pool-, tabletennis-, tablefootball- or dartroom. A Nintendo Wii is available, too. The room can be used as a conference venue for visitor groups which are linked to seafaring, the port or the church.
  • International libary in the winter garden with the latest international newspapers
  • ediaroom with satellite TV, videos and DVDs in different languages and a karaoke machine
  • Garden, small sports field for basketball and football, BBQ area and frog pond
  • Internetroom and free wifi in the whole club
  • Ship visitings (day trips on request)
  • Consultation hour with the port's doctor (HPHC) – free and private
  • Clothing store (donated clothes in good condition)
Port chaplan Jan Oltmanns (head of the house), port chaplan Anke Wibel (head of the house), seaman's pastor Adelar Schünke, port chaplan Olaf Schröder, welfare worker Sören Wichmann, sociologist Martina Schindler. Social care: Gil Fortich-Taeubner, Nonie Olmedo, Katrin Kanisch; World receiver: Nicole Bauer, Lars Kostka, David Zander; Administration: Susanne Langer and Steffi Günther; Facility management: Reinhard Albers and Matthias Jacks; Cleaning Personnel: Juliana Kolako and Margaret Stölting, volunteers in their social year(FSJ/BFD), sometimes trainees and a lot of volunteers!