Team Detail

Adelar Schünke

I am Adelar Schünke from Brazil. Pastor from Evangelical Lutheran Church. 

 I start in 1997, in a practical period in the German Seaman’s Mission in Santos, to have contact with seafarers from all over the world. In 2001 I had a reach work experience in many seamen’s centers in Europe and from 2002 until 2018 I was working as Port Chaplain in Santos. Since 01 May 2018 I am working in DUKDALBEN. 

 In all those years I could contact people from so many countries, people with so many different faces, color, culture or religion, but with same problems and needs. People who feel isolated, feel the pain of the homesickness, who live in a restricted and isolated environment, who some seafarers mention it is worse than a prison. In this reality there is no man or woman strong enough and who does not need help or support. 

 What I and the workers, not just in DUCKDALBEN, but also in many other centers try to do is provide support to seafarers, helping them in their needs without any discrimination by social, psychological and pastoral care. In my opinion it is very important always ask about needs, problems and difficulties that seafarers may have and listen to them with empathy and friendship and if we can't help them we need try to find some one who can. 

 Our seamen's centers also DUCKDALBEN are a good and friendly place, like a home, were they can find all help that they need and especially friendly people in whom they can trust.