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Seemannsmission begins with the discovery that people live and work aboard ships.

The support of the God-given dignity of the sailors - support of seafarers' dignity - is the mission statement and challenge of the German Seemans Mission.
We enter for the dignity of the sailors. The German Seemannsmission is an independent diaconal institution part of the Protestant churches in Germany. She is involved worldwide for the well-being of the sailors.

Club room with beer and coffee shop, supermarket
Pickup and delivery service to all ships in port
Room of silence (prayer room) for all major religions
Billiard, Tischtennis, Kicker
International library in the conservatory
Garden terrace, small sports field, barbecue area
Cheap ways to make calls worldwide, skype, fax, free internet
Office hours of the Medical Service (HPHC) - free and anonymous

As a sailor's mission, we are sent to show in our words and deeds that the love of God is present and also revealed in the human for and with each other. We are committed to the works of Christian charity and responsibility for all human beings and the one world in which we live. By proclaiming our Christian faith, we want to be recognizable. We respect the beliefs and religions of sailors from other cultures. Seemannsmission is especially pastoral care. We understand pastoral care holistically as a concern for body and soul. What pleases, facilitates, encourages and liberates people leads us in our diaconal action.

The German Seemans Mission is supported by the work of dedicated staff and volunteers. We welcome seafarers into over 35 ports around the world, taking time for talks and joint activities, offering them practical help and orientation abroad. The spirit of our facilities is characterized by enjoyment of work, openness, honesty and friendliness towards the guests. We are rooted in the Christian faith and our church, live and work in close bond within the German Seemans Mission in solidarity with the seafarers.




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Ich wollte in die Welt hinaus,
jetzt kommt die Welt zu mir!

Der Bundesfreiwilligendienst im DUCKDALBEN beginnt jedes Jahr am 01.08. und endet am 31.07. des Folgejahres.
Wir suchen noch jungen Menschen die im DUCKDALBEN ihren Bundesfreiwilligendienst 2020/2021 leisten wollen. Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbungen. Gerne auch per Mail.
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